New Gout Drug has Been Flagged by FDA

May 14, 2012 by Julia.

Buy New gout drug
New gout drug
A potential new gout drug, brand named Arcalyst, has been flagged during its clinical trials by the FDA. Although the data shows that Arcalyst works as it should, to help lower uric acid levels as an addition to allopurinol, the FDA says its negative side effects may outweigh its positives. According to MedPage Today, Arcalyst can cause malignancies.

However, this drug is considered to fall into the 'unmet medical need' group. That is, the drug can be given to those who can not tolerate the usual gout medications, such as Colcrys, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Arcalyst could also be a useful prescribing tool for doctors with patients who may have drug interactions.

Until this drug is approved, gout sufferers will have to use what medication are on the market for this painful conditions. Colcrys, one of the most popular gout medications, is made from the extremely inexpensive autumn crocus, but is produced by only one American manufacturer.

Read more about Arcalyst and the FDA here.

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Low Calorie Diet Can Help Arthritis

June 24, 2012 by Julia.

Arthritis Pain
Arthritis Pain
Researchers in Denmark found that patients on the strict diet for 16 weeks lost radical amounts of weight and reported a huge improvement in their pain levels, a daily reported.

A simple diet, which is very low in calories and high in protein combined with regular exercise, could end the misery of arthritis for millions of sufferers, according to new research. A relatively small weight loss can have a dramatic effect by reducing swelling, relieving pain and even helping prevent further deterioration of the joints.

"Research shows that losing weight, however modest, when combined with exercise, is a panacea at every stage," Professor Alan Silman, medical director of Arthritis Research UK, said.

"A healthy weight reduces the risk of developing the disease, relieves existing symptoms and helps to prevent further deterioration. Weight loss and exercise has been shown to achieve the same level of symptom relief as joint replacement surgery."

This is good news for gout sufferers, as a low calorie diet can be also low in purines, which will help to reduce the severity of gout flares they will experience. For the high protein, stick to beans, soy or chicken, as red meats, especially steaks and organ meats, have been known to cause flare ups.

The study participants were also placed on a regimented exercise plan, which helped them to lose the weight while still building muscle. Exercise is a great remedy for many types of arthritis, as it helps loosen up the joints, and increases blood flow and flexibility to the affected areas. The researchers involved in the study were happy to report the lessening of their patients' dependence on anti-inflammatory drugs such as generic Celebrex or generic Colcrys.

Other experts who were consulted about the study believed that the diet could be considered extreme, and would be difficult for patients to maintain in an uncontrolled environment. They did however; agree that losing weight eases pressure on joints, making arthritis pain less severe. If you are having weight or mobility issues, talk to your doctor about safe ways to starting losing weight. They may recommend seeing a nutritionist, personal trainer, or even a physiotherapist. These professionals can help you to create a fitness and nutrition regimen for yourself, and can often give you the mental tools to stick with it.

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Colchicine for Canker Sores?

July 2, 2012 by Julia.

Colchicine Treatment
Colchicine Treatment
An article regarding the extraneous uses of colchicine recently reminded doctors of another option for chronic canker sores. Canker sores are also called aphthous ulcers. They are small, shallow lesions that develop on the soft tissues in your mouth or at the base of your gums. Unlike cold sores, canker sores don't occur on the surface of your lips and aren't contagious. They can be painful, however, and can make eating and talking difficult.

Treatment usually isn't necessary for minor canker sores, which tend to clear on their own in a week or two. But large, persistent or unusually painful sores often need medical care. A number of treatment options exist, ranging from mouth rinses and topical ointments to systemic corticosteroids for the most-severe cases. Check with your doctor or dentist if you have unusually large or painful canker sores or canker sores that don't seem to heal.

Although most people will not experience these painful canker sores, for those who have Behcet's disease, or another condition with canker sores as a symptom, they will try anything in order to get rid of them. For simple canker sores, a rinse with warm water and salt is useful, or for slightly more severe sores, an antibiotic moth rinse is often prescribed. But when these don't work, doctors start trying different medications. Although doctors are unsure why generic colchicine works, it has been used to treat painful canker sores in hundreds of people. A small study in India was completed with good results, but government health organizations will require larger, double-blind, controlled studies before allowing an official change to colchicine's label. In the United States, colchicine is currently only approved for gout treatment and familial Mediterranean fever, a rare inflammatory disease.

Colchicine is sold in the United States under brand name Colcrys. Although colchicine has been around for years, as it is plant-based, it is extremely expensive in the United States. There is a monopoly on the market, as only one manufacturer, URL Pharma, is allowed to produce it in the United States. For those who desperately need this helpful medication, but can't afford it, consider shopping online.

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Causes of Secondary Gout

July 20, 2012 by EStella.

from ToughKitty
from ToughKitty
Gout is a chronic and progressive disease caused by uric acid crystal deposits in various joints. Primarily gout usually occurs in men and postmenopausal women. Gout attacks may be triggered by many risk factors, including genetics, purine-rich diet, lifestyle, medical and health conditions. Identify the triggers that cause your gout will help you reduce the risk of an attack.

Gout may occur along (primary gout) or may be associated with other conditions & diseases. There is a form of gout called secondary gout, is caused by medical conditions or drugs used for treatments. Secondary gout is most commonly found in elderly people; both women and man are on an equal basis.

Certain medical conditions that can increase your risk of developing gout including:

- Cancer and cancer treatment
- Diabetes mellitus, both type 1 and type 2 diabetes
- Hemolytic anemia
- High blood pressure (hypertension)
- High cholesterol levels
- Injury
- Menopause
- Psoriasis, a skin disorder
- Reduced kidney function

Certain types of medications can increase the uric acid levels and your risk of developing gout. These include:

- Aspirin, used to treat mild to moderate pain, also used to reduce fever or inflammation
- Chemotherapy medications, used to treat cancer
- Diuretics, used to treat high blood pressure
- Niacin, used to treat high cholesterol
- Ciclsporin, used to treat psoriasis
- Tacrolimus, used to control body's immune response

Your doctor may prescribe a medicine called generic Colcrys 0.6 mg for gout treatment or for managing other conditions you may have.

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Tips for Travelling with Gout

September 12, 2012 by Estella.

Gout is a form of arthritis caused by elevated levels of uric acid (hyperuricemia) in the bloodstream. Gout happens in men after the age of 50 and women after menopause.

Travel is an example of an activity that may increase the risk of gout. It not only increases stress, but eating and drinking habits may change. Before travelling, discuss with your doctor about preventive measures. The doctor may describe prednidone tablets to be taken immediately at the first sign of a gout acute attack. In most cases, this stops the episode.

Medicines to Take
Drugs such as Colcrys 0.6 mg or generic Colchicine have been used to reduce the inflammatory pain in the body, but you will need a doctor's RX for that. Uloric generic is another drug used for prevent gout attack. Ensure that you have your gout meds with you; it's good to start taking this as a preventative a few days before travelling.

Foods to Avoid
Avoid certain foods that high in purines, especially red meat, organ meat, seafood, yeast products and fried foods that may trigger gout, especially while traveling. Sticking to a low-purine diet includes eating plenty of fruits and vegetables; it can help reduce the risk of gout attacks.

Drink to Avoid
Try to avoid alcohol, soft, caffeinated beverages and opt for alternatives before and during the flight. Drink plenty of water and other nonalcoholic beverages can help remove monosodium urate (MSU) crystals from the body.

Keep Hydrated
Dehydration can trigger a gout attack during a longer flight or travel. Try to consume plenty of water or juice is vital to help you stay hydrated. It can help reduce the chances of having a gout attack.

Move Around
Poor circulation of blood can be caused by sitting in air travel. Exercise improves blood circulation as well as mobility. In addition to preventing gout attacks, walking as much as you can up and down the cabin's aisles.

In ancient Greece, Hippocrates called it "the unwalkable disease" or "the rich man's disease". However, having gout doesn't mean your vacations days are over. The key to have an enjoyable and safe trip is through the necessary preparations.

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Rebounding - A Possible Exercise for Those with Gout

October 18, 2012 by Teresa.

If you suffer from gout and are continually searching for a low-impact form of exercise that you can engage in, rebounding may be worth considering. Rebounding is a fun exercise on a mini trampoline. The typical rebounder is about 3' in diameter and 9" high. It is safe, simple to use, and effective. The rebounder is easy to store, takes up very little space, and is relatively inexpensive. You can use it in the convenience of your own home, too. You can even carry it with you when you travel.

There may be numerous benefits derived from rebounding. Building stronger bones and warding off osteoporosis is one possible benefit. Recovering from an injury, enhancing lymphatic circulation, improving digestion, and balancing emotions are a few other outcomes. It can assist in losing weight, provide the kind of aerobic outlet that your body needs, and energize you.

For those who have gout, finding a low-impact exercise that can be done without creating residual problems can be challenging. Exercising on the mini trampoline gives a full-body workout with very little stress on joints. The stress on your joints may be equal to walking on a carpeted surface. Gout sufferers know that sometimes even walking, often considered a moderate form of exercise, can be painful.

Everyone should start with a gentle bounce, keeping your feet together, for about 5 minutes. Even seniors can learn to enjoy this fun exercise. As with any new exercise, you start small and work your way up. However, there is some evidence that benefits are felt from rebounding for just minutes a day. Furthermore, rebounding has a fun quality to it, a playfulness that may keep people from getting bored, making the continued use of the device much more likely.

If you are suffering from gout always involve your doctor in your treatment plan. He or she may prescribe certain medications such as generic Colchicine for gout treatment and preventions. Don't forget to mention that you are looking into rebounding as part of your exercise program.

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Is There a Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Gout?

October 30, 2012 by Teresa.

Getting a good night's sleep seems like something that we all should be able to do with comparative ease. After all, even a little baby instinctively knows that sleep is good for you. However, many adults have sleep issues and really do not receive the restorative benefits of a full eight hours of proper sleep. If you suffer from gout, being sleep deprived can add to your problems. Sleep apnea, a more serious form of sleep disorder, may have a powerful influence on the development of gout. Sleep apnea causes repeated breathing pauses during sleep. These pauses cause serious changes in your oxygen levels. The reduction of oxygen in the blood, which results from sleep apnea, has been shown to cause the cells in the body to begin to disintegrate. These dying cells may go on to generate an excess of uric acid in the blood. Also, the percentage of carbon dioxide in the blood increases, which makes the blood more acidic and increases the likelihood of uric acid precipitation in the form of monosodium urate.

Sleep apnea is a significant problem on its own, but the implication of it contributing to gout is worth considering. There are anecdotal cases where if sleep apnea was treated, gout symptoms improved, too. Also, sleep apnea and gout patients show up in the same patient profile, middle-aged, overweight men. Furthermore, gout attacks tend to manifest more often during sleep.

Despite the fact that there is strong evidence that sleep apnea is a major contributor to gout, little has been done to screen for sleep problems when gout is first diagnosed. If you have been diagnosed with gout and are receiving treatment, you may want to consult with your doctor about sleep apnea. Sleep apnea and gout alike are treatable and neither should be ignored.

Colchicine generic is an effective treatment for gout, particular appropriate when NSAIDs are poorly tolerated.

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How is Gout Different from Arthritis?

November 2, 2012 by Christine.

Ease rheumatoid pain
Ease rheumatoid pain
There are many misconceptions about gout, particularly those about it affecting strictly privileged members of society who overindulge in rich food and drink and never exercise. Undoubtedly, diet and lifestyle play a large role in the onset of a gout attack, but it is not only the elderly or sedentary who are affected. Heredity has as much to do with the disease as lifestyle does; persons with a parent who suffered from gout have a 1 in 4 chance of contracting it. Since gout is caused by an overabundance of uric acid within the body, individuals with a family history of kidney issues will be predisposed to show symptoms, since it is the kidney's job to filter uric acid out of the system. Another common misconception is that gout and arthritis are the same disease. Although gout is a form of arthritis, the causes, symptoms and treatments are very different. Keep reading below to learn about how gout differs from arthritis:


Rheumatoid arthritis is classified as an autoimmune disease, and while its causes have been speculated, the answer remains inconclusive. Gout, however, is known to be caused by build-ups of uric acid around the joints. If left untreated, it can lead to metabolic disease.


Arthritis often strikes the limbs, affecting small and large joints—the fingers, hands, and arms in particular—and usually affects both side of the body, rather than just one. Affected joints are painful, swollen and stiff, especially in the morning, and the sufferer will often feel ill and fatigued. Symptoms of arthritis progress rapidly after their first onset.

When uric acid exists in the body to excess, it forms crystals which collect in the joints, damaging them and causing intense pain. Gout sufferers experience red, swollen and inflamed joints, most commonly in the joint of the big toe. Gout attacks can be so painful that they can prevent a patient from walking, or wake them up from a deep sleep. When gout strikes, it strikes suddenly and painfully, often with no warning.


People suffering from arthritis will need to re-learn how to do all their daily tasks without putting undue stresses on their joints in order to keep them in shape for longer. To slow the onset of arthritis and to ease pain symptoms, pharmaceuticals like steroids, NSAIDS and DMARDs may be prescribed.

People afflicted with gout will need to make immediate lifestyle changes in order to reduce the levels of uric acid in their system. Pharmaceuticals like steroids, NSAIDS and generic for Colchicine may be prescribed.

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