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What Does Gout Look Like?

November 8, 2011 by Lynn.

from CNN Health
from CNN Health
The CNN Health website includes a section on gout and gout treatment. The section includes helpful resources such as a Gout Quiz, and an article titled Ten Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Gout.

The section also links to information on the latest in gout medication from Harvard Medical School, including the first new gout medications to be approved in 40 years: prescription Uloric (generic Uloric), and the gout drug Krystexxa (pegloticase), which is effective in breaking down gout tophi.

For those who are still not sure if they are experiencing gout, or those who wonder what gout looks like, the site also includes a series of photos of a gout flare up at the base of the big toe - the most common place for a gouty arthritis attack. To see what gout looks like on CNN Health, >Click Here.<

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