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Updated Recommended Dosages for Gout Medication

October 29, 2011 by Lynn.

Dosage from newseasons
Dosage from newseasons
Dr. Gregory Rutecki, Professor of Medicine at the University of Mobile, has posted a Q and A Update on gout and gout treatment for the medical website ConsultantLive. The doctor points out that gout treatment has changed considerably in the last decade.

Use of the "old stand-by" gout drugs allopurinal and colchicine has changed, as have target uric acid levels. The post includes updated dosage recommendations for allorpurinal (higher) and colchicine for gout (lower). Like so many of his gouty arthritis patients, he laments the drastic rise in the price of colchicine.

Dr. Rutecki also touches on the newer gout medication, Uloric (generic febuxostat), which he believes is superior to allopurinal in some cases. To read all of Dr. Rutecki's post, >Click Here.<

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