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The Best Shoes for Gout

October 23, 2012 by EStella.

Shoes and a latte from A.K. Photography
Shoes and a latte from A.K. Photography
A gout attack can be vicious and seem to come out of nowhere. Often it wakes people in the middle of the night. It affects the joints in the big toe. Gout is a serious condition and if not treated in a timely fashion can cause permanent damage.

During a gout attack, staying off your feet is advised. However, gout sufferers benefit from wearing comfortable shoes, not just during a gout attack but at all times. So what kind of shoes are recommended? Styles that offer a lot of room for the toes are the best. The wrong shoes can make gout worsen over time. This is true of other foot ailments, too. Yet, many people still insist on either wearing shoes that are stylish but uncomfortable or they are simply uninformed on the matter.

You would think that an open-toed shoes like a sandal would offer great relief to a gout sufferer's feet. Not true. Shoes without good support, lack of stability, or sufficient cushioning are poor choices. These misguided choices in shoe wear often lead to additional pain and disability. Only about 56% of people with gout select shoes that offer the proper support and comfort like athletic sneakers, walking shoes, or oxfords.

Those with gout need shoes that offer toe box width and heel sizing to suit your foot. There needs to be plenty of support and cushioning. However, the narrow shoes or pointed-toe shoes are definitely not going to help matters. Depth of shoe is important, too. Although sandals are not advised, if you do wear them make sure the strap does not cover the joint of the toe. Spot stretching with a ball and socket tool may help to widen the shoe just enough to take pressure off the painful joint. Arch supports can be inserted to take some pressure off the ball of the foot.

It isn't easy in a world of shoes and more shoes to find the kind of comfortable fit that is so important to those with gout. Seek advice from a podiatrist. Gout can be managed with proper non-medical care and medications such as Colchicine, but the right shoes are an important part of your treatment plan as well.

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