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Social Recipe Site Introduces Gout Diet Feature

October 27, 2011 by Lynn.

from foodily
from foodily
Foodily.com has introduced a new search feature that allows users to filter recipes by three common medical conditions which are greatly impacted by diet - gout, diabetes, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Foodily is a social recipe network that integrates with facebook to allow users to easily compare and share favorite recipes with friends and family. Partnered with Healthline Networks, Foodily boasts a nutrition feature to allow visitors to search by health-related keywords such as "low fat" or "low carb" to easily make more informed food choices. Foodily is also providing Healthline with an exclusive drop-down menu for condition recipe searches that is featured on both Healthline's homepage and in related sections of the site.

The Foodily facebook app allows users to share recipes that meet their dietary restrictions, and to follow others with similar medical conditions to discover their recipe recommendations without ever having to leave facebook.

"All of us at Foodily are dedicated to encouraging people to be both healthy and happy with the food on their table," said Foodily's CEO Andrea Cutright, "Moreover, the ability to be social and share recipes on facebook lets our users tap into their friends and family - as well as others with comparable diet restrictions - for cooking ideas and emotional reinforcement."

Gouty arthritis is caused and/or aggravated by foods high in purine. Gout treatment involves dietary changes and, if necessary, gout medication such as colchicine. To search for low purine recipes suitable for a gout diet on Foodily, >Click Here.<

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