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Should You Exercise if You Have Gout?

October 24, 2011 by Estella.

from N!els
from N!els
When squeezed in the vise of pain that is a gouty arthritis attack, most gout sufferers don't need to be told to avoid exercise - they do their utmost to avoid moving the painful joint (usually the big toe) at all costs. Even the pressure of a sock may be too much to bear.

Strenuous physical activity is not recommended during a gout flare-up, as it may irritate already inflamed joints. But exercising when you're not suffering from a gout attack helps to stop the build-up of uric acid, and exercises that improve range of motion can decrease gout symptoms.

Yoga, strength training, and simple stretching will help reduce stiffness and increase flexibility, and help rid the body of uric acid. A combination of gout medication such as prescription colchicine and exercises designed to increase mobility and maintain a healthy weight helps to control gout.

To read more about how to exercise if you have gout, Click Here<.

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