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Reducing Pain of Gout with Skim Milk and Plenty of Water

January 21, 2013 by Teresa.

The vast majority of people probably agree that drinking lots of water is good for the body. If you have gout, staying hydrated is recommended. However, did you know that drinking skim milk may also be helpful with preventing painful attacks? Wouldn't it be nice if something as simple as pouring a glass of milk could alleviate suffering? What a welcome relief that would be.

Gout is a type of arthritis that occurs most often in middle-aged men who are overweight. The cause is due to the accumulation of too much uric acid that forms needle-like crystals in the joints. The pain can be excruciating. There are certain foods that seem to aggravate the disease. Red meat and beer, for instance, are definitely on the black list. To finally have something that may be put on the helpful-foods list is encouraging.

Although there seems to be a genetic link to this debilitating disease, it has also long been accepted that lifestyle is a contributing factor as well. Obesity is a very significant trigger. Dehydration is another. Research has shown that the more water a patient drinks, the less intense their pain. In fact, having five to eight glasses of water during a period of 24 hours may lower the risk of having a gout attack by as much as forty per cent.

Further studies suggest that skim milk may lower blood uric acid concentrations by as much as ten percent. A substance in skim milk called orotic acid may support uric acid removal by the kidneys. The long-range effects of skim milk on gout attacks need to be carefully researched, but the preliminary studies are encouraging.

If you have been diagnosed with gout, it is important to remember that substituting water or skim milk for other treatments that the doctor prescribes is not recommended. Working with a health care provider is essential to successfully managing the disease.

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