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Overview of TCM for Gout

December 28, 2011 by Estella.

Gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis. It is a purine metabolic disorder caused by uric acid crystals building p in the body. You may not know when you have gout until your big toes become red and swollen. That's how gout usually starts. As gout progresses, the frequent attacks will lead to kidney damage and urinary stones.

Traditional Chinese medicine, also known as TCM, holds that there is a distribution network for the fundamental substances like qi, blood and body fluid throughout the body. This network is called the Meridian System. It links organs, limbs, joints, bones, tendons, tissues and skin, and provides communication between the body's interior and exterior.

According to TCM viewpoint, gout is considered a "bi-syndrome" due to wind, cold and damp heat. It is caused by poor lifestyles including alcohol, fatty food, unhealthy eating and drinking. Treatment of bi-syndrome in TCM in involves the use of a combination of therapies, such as:

- Acupuncture - stimulates the energy flow in the body, relieve s the symptoms and pain for gout suffers
- Herbs formula - works to eliminate uric acid from the body, neutralizes acid in the body, and alleviates inflammation in the joint.
- Qi-gong - activates the blood circulation and helps restore the balance of Yin and Yang in the body. Performing qi-gong can increase the body strength and relieve pain.

The TCM therapies are naturally safe and effective for most patients with scientific backup. Make sure you find a licensed Chinese practitioner for the best treatment of gout arthritis. For more information on TCM treatments for gout, visit TCMdiscovery.com.

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