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New Gout Medications in Clinical Trials

March 15, 2012 by Julia.

Peramivir or Lesinurad
Peramivir or Lesinurad
Biocryst Pharmaceuticals and Ardea Pharmaceuticals are racing to bring a new gout drug to the American market. According to the most recent reports, Ardea's version is currently "winning." Of course, the winners here will be gout patients, who will be served by the best medication for their condition.

Biocryst's version is called peramivir, which is used for allopurinol-resistant forms of gout. Participants in the company's clinical trial took their regular dose of allopurinol, and were given doses four times daily of either peramivir or a placebo. After 12 weeks, subjects who took peramivir reported a 33 to 49 percent response rate compared to only 18 percent reported by those who took a placebo plus allopurinol. This is potentially exciting news, until you learn more about Ardea's contribution to the field of gout medicine.

Ardea Pharmaceutical's experimental gout drug, called lesinurad, had a reported 70 to 80 percent response rate compared to 28 percent for those using a placebo. Peramivir (Biocryst) also had an extremely high toxicity rate, which caused some participants to drop out of the study due to significantly reduced levels of CD4 immune cells. The goal of most gout medications is to reduce uric acid levels without significantly affecting the rest of the body. Many gout sufferers have hypertension or other ailments. Gout medication developers need to take this into consideration when creating a compound, which makes it difficult.

One of the best medications for gout, colchicine, has been around for years (it is derived from a plant, the autumn crocus). However, recently the FDA took away approval from almost all manufacturers. This has caused a once-cheap medication to skyrocket in price. However, savvy patients know that they can get Colcrys online, from a Canadian online pharmacy. The Canadian government regulates medication pricing, which keeps prices low. American consumers can take advantage of this significant price difference by buying online with a Colcrys prescription.

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