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New Gout Drug has Been Flagged by FDA

May 14, 2012 by Julia.

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New gout drug
A potential new gout drug, brand named Arcalyst, has been flagged during its clinical trials by the FDA. Although the data shows that Arcalyst works as it should, to help lower uric acid levels as an addition to allopurinol, the FDA says its negative side effects may outweigh its positives. According to MedPage Today, Arcalyst can cause malignancies.

However, this drug is considered to fall into the 'unmet medical need' group. That is, the drug can be given to those who can not tolerate the usual gout medications, such as Colcrys, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Arcalyst could also be a useful prescribing tool for doctors with patients who may have drug interactions.

Until this drug is approved, gout sufferers will have to use what medication are on the market for this painful conditions. Colcrys, one of the most popular gout medications, is made from the extremely inexpensive autumn crocus, but is produced by only one American manufacturer.

Read more about Arcalyst and the FDA here.

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