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Linking High Cholesterol to Gout

April 10, 2013 by Mayank.

Gout used to be a serious condition that was casually referred to as a "rich man's disease." While it is no laughing matter, it is just a light hearted way to paint a serious and painful condition that usually inflicts the big toe. The pain arises from the build-up of uric acid in the joints making the joints almost unbendable and deforming the shape of the digit. By itself, it's a worrying condition.

Latest Research
While it is a worrying condition on its own, researchers have compounded the situation by linking gout to high cholesterol, and even worse, they have also linked it to cardiovascular disease. It's worth to pause for a minute here and note, that gout does not lead to cardiovascular disease or even high cholesterol, it is merely a visible marker. Researchers found that 43% of those who suffered from gout also had hypertensive tendencies, leading to cardiovascular problems.

The same research showed conclusively that cholesterol rates were indeed higher in those with gout and furthermore, the level of cholesterol occurring was five times more in those with gout than those without.

The importance there is not that gout causes cholesterol or that the diets that cause gout are the same ones that are responsible for high cholesterol. There may be similarities, but as of yet, there is no causal link. But there is statistical evidence that places gout as a definite marker and physicians should subject their patients to additional tests to determine cardiovascular disease as well as high blood pressure.

Cardiovascular Disease
Heart attacks are just one of the physical results of cardiovascular disease. There are other ailments that may precede a heart attack, including arrhythmia and palpitations. It should not be considered that all end in heart attacks.

Ingredients and Diets
Diets are the best way to manage many illnesses. After all the adage of "we are what we eat" still stands true today as it did when it was first coined. Society has become very recalcitrant in what they consume. Processed meats, nitrates and all kinds of chemicals that one needs a chemistry degree more than a culinary one to get a job in the food industry. This is no wonder then that what humans nourish themselves with has begun to hurt them. The high nitrates for example in the meats we consume. The monosodium glutamate that we unwittingly enjoy in canned soups and the chemical coloring have zero benefit.

With the link between high cholesterol and gout established, it is now up to those in the high risk category to take a second, and more serious, look at managing their diet. Look into making a serious effort at avoiding high cholesterol diet like red meat and salmon. It is advisable to balance the diet and look at your level of activity to determine your diet. If you are an active person through most of the day, then a diet, high in carbohydrates, will allow the body to function better. If you are more sedentary, lower carbohydrates and lesser proteins may be better. Either way, remember we are what we eat.

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