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Jim Belushi Helps Launch Gout Awareness Campaign

November 9, 2011 by Estella.

about his battle with gout
about his battle with gout
Jim Belushi has joined with Savient Pharmaceuticals to launch a new educational campaign called "Check Out Your Gout". The campaign is aimed at raising awareness about gouty arthritis, and a severe form of the condition known as refractory chronic gout, or RCG. An actor, singer and performer, Belushi's roles have ranged from comedy to drama, but when it comes to gout, Belushi is completely serious.

"When I first developed gout, I didn't want to do anything about it. I thought I could tough it out; but when the pain became too unbearable for me to perform on stage, I saw a rheumatologist and got my gout under control," said Belushi. "I am taking part in the 'Check Out Your Gout' campaign to let people know that gout is a very painful condition that should be taken seriously, and to tell those who are or may be affected by gout or RCG to check it out and work with a doctor to identify the best management plan."

The campaign encourages people to get serious about gout and to take action to learn more about the condition. The campaign features broadcast and online videos, as well as an educational website, CheckOutYourGout.com.

Gout is a debilitating form of arthritis affecting approximately eight million Americans. Triggered by high levels of uric acid in the blood, gout causes pain and swelling in the joints and can result in deposits of uric acid crystals under the skin, called tophi. RCG occurs when uric acid levels remain high and symptoms persist despite available conventional therapies. RCG symptoms may be particularly debilitating, due to the frequency and severity of episodes, the recurrent painful gout attacks and the disfigurement associated with the condition.

As part of the campaign, Belushi will share his personal experience with gout through national and local media appearances and additional programming planned for next year. "Gout continues to be widely misperceived and overlooked," said Louis Ferrari, Senior Vice President of Savient Pharmaceuticals. "Our hope is that through the 'Check Out Your Gout' campaign Savient, together with Jim, can increase awareness and understanding of gout and RCG."

Savient Pharmaceuticals manufactures and markets the first and only FDA-approved gout medication to treat adults with chronic and severe gouty arthritis that doesn't respond to existing gout drugs. Unlike older oral gout medications such as prescription colchicine, Krystexxa (pegloticase), is given intravenously (into a vein). The pegloticase mechanism of action is different than that of other gout medications, which block the production or increase the excretion of uric acid. Instead, Krystexxa converts uric acid to a nontoxic byproduct that is easily excreted in the urine.

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