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Is Gout An Early Sign of Heart Disease?

May 6, 2013 by Mayank.

The relationship between gout and full blown heart complications have been speculated ever since the signs and symptoms of each of the two medical conditions were worked out. The key link in this entire discussion is the fact that both conditions are genetics, lifestyle and medication related. Gout, also called the big toe disease is characterised by recurring inflammatory arthritis. The disease normally manifests itself by the swellings of the base of the big toe. The cause is related to increased levels of uric acid in the blood system. The extra uric acid that gets deposited in the bloodstream then crystallizes causing the inflammation. Heart disease on the other hand is a collective description of all medical conditions that affect the heart.


The thin line or a thick one in certain instances that draws the similarity between these two medical conditions lies in the manifestation of both and what is believed to cause them. All are attributed to the poor lifestyle choices of the victims, at least in the case of gout. While most heart conditions come due to a combination of both bad lifestyles and genetics, the case with gout is largely genetics, say about 60%. There though seems to be a similar line of comparison if you look at the causative characteristic.

Of Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle related causes of gout come to about 12% of all diagnosed cases including those related to consuming large volumes of alcohol. Incidentally, the cause of heart disease in about 15% of the cases diagnosed in the Europe was also poor lifestyle related.

Blood as the Underlying Factor

The link between gout and heart disease can easily be linked to blood and substance deposition in the body. Most of heart related cases are due to constricted vessels that cause increase in blood pressure, the constriction is caused by deposits of fats and other food substances but studies do not completely rule out deposits of urea and allied substances. Whichever way, one could be a harbinger of the other.

Similarity in Symptoms

Most medical conditions associated with gout come to later manifest themselves in a majority of many victims diagnosed with heart conditions. Obesity, high blood pressure and abnormal lipid concentrations in particular are present in more than 63% of heart conditions diagnosed. They are also associated with 75% of all gout cases that get diagnosed. The link that gout could be a leading sign to heart disease is eminent here because the said conditions are present in gout victims much earlier in the disease development stage than they occur in heart disease related complications.

In Summary

The causes and manifestation of both gout and heart diseases are too closely related to actually pick them apart, however the similarities do not confirm if one condition is another's harbinger. It will be gratifying to note though that both cases can be cured with early diagnosis. The only condition here is that aside from the timely diagnosis, it has to be accurate.

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