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Gout Treatment Past and Present

October 21, 2011 by Alex.

A gout attack of the elbow
A gout attack of the elbow
From Gout Treatment: The Way History Controlled Gout and Present day Gout Treatment

Gout remedies have been completely available for hundreds of years. In fact gout is an ailment that is well outlined by ancient cultures. These people weren't able to understand about uric acid in the past and so ancient doctors attempted to describe it as something else. Hippocrates tried to identify what may cause gout as a possible imbalance of the four humours. They were the imbalance of black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood. He seemed to be nearly talking about acid amounts. Whenever one of the humours was not in balance, or dropped thus the actual latin word "gutta", the particular humours "drop" right into a joint inducing the "gutta" or gout as you may know it.

Historical Gout Remedies
History has dealt with gout attacks in different techniques. Believe it or not one of many remedies being used at the moment was actually a 2,000 year old remedy. It absolutely was actively employed by Alexander of Tralles. The substance was in fact an extract coming from the Autumn Crocus plant found in Colchis, Asia Minor. Being a gout treatment, it had become able to halt the discomfort making the inflammation subside a lot faster as compared to the majority of anti-inflammatory agents. Alexander referred to it as Hemodactyl. At present it is called generic colchicine, or brand name Colcrys.

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