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Gout Risk Facts

June 30, 2011 by Estella.

Knowing your risk of getting gout can help you defeat it. Here, you'll discover key gout risk factors so you can see if you're at risk and what you need to do to eliminate gout. First, to really understand gout risk factors you need to understand the cause(s) of gout…

Gout is caused by high uric acid in the body — a condition known as hyperuricemia — which leads to gout crystals forming in your joints, that cause the symptoms of gout. And uric acid is produced when natural compounds called 'purines' that exist in our bodies and food breakdown during the natural metabolizing process.

So basically, more purines leads to more uric acid, which leads to higher uric acid levels in the body, which then leads to urate crystals in your joints and the agonies of gout. The key gout risk factors can indicate who is more at risk of gout attacks…
- Overweight
- Diet
- Medication Conditions
- Medications
- Family history
- Male and female
- Age

So, for more information on gout causes and symptoms, gout treatment and prevention options, read the full article of Gout Risk Factors - Are You at Risk of Gout? from thegoutsite.com

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