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Effective Home Remedies for Gout

December 19, 2011 by Shelly.

from Devo Olive Oil
from Devo Olive Oil
If you have ever suffered from the pain that gout can bring, you know that you will try almost everything to relieve pain. Gout is a type of arthritis that is most common in aging men and post menopausal women. It is a result of uric acid build up in the blood. It causes joint inflammation and can become extremely painful.

The main cause of gout is excessive alcohol consumption and poor diet, so trying to counter-act those problems is definitely part of the solution to eliminating gout pain. Most gout sufferers are prescribed Colchicine to relieve the pain and inflammation from gout, buy we also suggest trying some of the home remedies below in conjunction with oral medication to relive gout pain.

1. Apples - Apples work wonders for gout. The juice contains anthocyanina (an antioxidant) that will reduce the joint inflammation. So just remember, "eating an apple a day will keep gout pain away".
2. Lemon - Lemon is the best natural detox. Drinking lemon juice at least three times a day will bring a lot of relief for gout sufferers. Even try sweet lime juice if you find lemon juice too sour.
3. Fresh Vegetable Juices - Fresh vegetable juices like carrot, beetroot and cucumber will also help with gout pain.
4. Soaking- Mix rock salt or charcoal powder into warm water and soak the swollen foot in it to relieve the pain.
5. Massage with ginger turmeric paste - To relieve gout pain instantly massage some ginger turmeric paste around the region in pain.
6. Herbs - Herbs such as mustard and willow bark are also great home remedies for gout.

The best remedy for gout or any medical condition is to always consult with your physician. Doctors will usually prescribe Colchicine to relive gout pain and inflammation, so be sure to follow any instructions from your doctor regarding how to treat gout.

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