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Does Insulin Resistance Cause Gout?

August 4, 2011 by Lynn.

It's commonly believed that the excess uric acid that causes gouty arthritis results from problems with purine metabolism and/or overindulgence in purine rich foods.

Another less well known theory is that high uric acid levels are caused by, or associated with, insulin resistance (a pre-diabetic condition in which insulin becomes less effective at controlling blood sugar).

It is well known that gout sufferers are at increased risk of diabetes, and vice versa. Several studies have demonstrated that insulin inhibits the elimination of uric acid through the kidneys.

South African researchers looking at the possible connection between insulin resistance and high uric acid put thirteen gout sufferers on a diet known to combat insulin resistance, the Zone Diet. None of the study participants were taking uric acid lowering gout medication.

During the four-month study period, the participants' monthly gout attacks dropped an impressive 70 percent. To read more about the gout diet study on best-gout-remedies.com, >CLICK HERE.<

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