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Colchicine Cuts Heart Attack Risk in Half

March 28, 2012 by Julia.

Autumn Crocus-Colchicine
Autumn Crocus-Colchicine
According to a new retrospective study released by the New York Veteran Affairs Gout Cohort, gout sufferers who use colchicine have half the risk of a myocardial infarction (heart attack) compared to an untreated gout sufferer. This protection was not found in gout sufferers who used allopurinol.

Researchers studied 1300 gout patients to come up with their conclusions. They found that 0.5% of colchicine users had a heart attack, versus 3 percent of untreated gout users. The rate of MI was only two percent for allopurinol users, not a significant difference. Researchers believe that this may be due to allopurinol's inconsistency at lowering urate levels.

The lead researcher, Dr. Pillinger, stated that "these are very provocative findings." He hopes to begin a prospective study, once he and his team have completed a more rigorous retroactive study.

Colchicine is one of the most common treatments for gout. It is derived from a plant, the autumn crocus, and has been used as a gout treatment for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, it is only available in the US from one American manufacturer, and as such, it is much easier to buy Colcrys cheap at an online Canadian pharmacy than an American pharmacy. American gout sufferers can take advantage of this price difference by buying online. We recommend BigMountainDrugs.com, which is fully licensed and based in Vancouver.

You can view the original release here.

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