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Apple Cider Vinegar as a Gout Medication

July 6, 2011 by Lynn.

According to folklore and other informal sources, apple cider vinegar is a good home remedy for gout. It can be used both externally and internally as a gout medication and pain reliever. The vinegar must be organic and non-pasteurized so it still has the "mother" (cloudy looking naturally occurring enzymes) in it, and is usually mixed with honey to make it more palatable.

To use vinegar externally to reduce gout pain, simply soak a cloth in vinegar and apply it to the affected area (likely the big toe) for at least 15 minutes. Or soak the sore joint in a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 3 cups of water.

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Blue says at 2012-04-13 10:55:31:

This aritlce is a home run, pure and simple!

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