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AA Batteries: Can they Relieve Pain?

December 5, 2011 by Estella.

Alice Smellie tells how microcurrent technology can relieve the pain, depression, gout, and more.

Two thousand years ago, the Roman physician Scribonius Largus reported that headaches could be relieved with the sting of a live electric eel. Ever since then, scientists have been interested in the healing powers of electricity.

The buzz term at the moment is microcurrent therapy - or MCT - which refers to a plethora of home-use gadgets that manufacturers claim can relieve countless conditions. With names such as Alpha-Stim and Microdoctor, these devices are typically powered by little more than a few AA batteries, and deliver a tiny current to the skin via clips or sticky pads. The charge is so weak, it cannot usually be felt.

They are being touted as treatments for everything from joint and back pain to headaches, gout, multiple sclerosis and even depression. Read the full article

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