Soaring Price of Colchicine Questioned by CBS News

October 12, 2011 by Alex.

CBS News desktop
CBS News desktop
CBS News recently broadcast a segment on the enormous jump in the price of the prescription drug colchicine (now only available as name brand Colcrys in the US). The news item, titled FDA Approval of Ancient Remedy Sends Price Soaring, follows the story of a young man who has to take the anti-inflammatory colchicine for an inflammatory heart condition. Sixty generic colchicine tablets used to cost around $35. Now sixty tablets of name brand Colcrys cost $245.

Colchicine is best known as an effective gout medication (a very painful form of arthritis), and hundreds of thousands of gout patients and their health care providers are up in arms at the huge hike. "Colchicine has been used to treat gout and other inflammatory conditions for thousands of years. How could one company gain a monopoly?" CBS asks in their story.

The answer is the FDA's Unapproved Drugs Initiative. Concerned about the safety and effectiveness of commonly used drugs that pre-date the stringent current approval process, the FDA launched a program to have around 1000 older drugs like colchicine either approved, or removed from the market.

One pharmaceutical company, URL Pharma, sought FDA approval for colchicine, and in return for conducting clinical studies, was awarded exclusive rights to market colchicine for gout for three years. They then hiked the price of the gout drug a whopping 5000 percent.

Adding to American consumers' ire, low priced generic colchicine remains available just across the border in Canada. To view the CBS coverage of the soaring price of colchicine online, >Click Here.<

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World Arthritis Day is in October

October 14, 2011 by Lynn.

from Helen Weir
from Helen Weir
The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) joins organizations from around the world in celebrating World Arthritis Day. Held every year on October 12, this year's theme is "Move to Improve" - focusing on using physical activity to combat arthritis and rheumatic diseases - such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gouty arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

An estimated 50 million Americans including nearly 300,000 children are affected by arthritis and rheumatic diseases. People with these diseases who are inactive can have a variety of health risks, including type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition, decreased pain tolerance, weak muscles, stiff joints and poor balance common to many forms of arthritis can be made worse by inactivity.

Conversely, those who are physically active benefit from exercise and can experience improvement in pain, energy, sleep, and day-to-day functioning. In addition, people who are physically active are healthier, happier and live longer than those who are inactive and unfit, and this is especially true for people with arthritis. Despite these facts, arthritis is one of the most common reasons people give for limiting physical activity and recreational pursuits.

"Many people with arthritis and rheumatic diseases suffer from joint pain and stiffness, which can cause a person to avoid exercise out of the fear of increasing their pain or causing injury," says ACR President and practicing rheumatologist, David Borenstein, MD. "However, exercise when properly planned and safely executed can do just the opposite."

To create a safe, realistic and customized exercise plan, the ACR offers six tips: "While there is no cure for arthritis, a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise can improve quality of life" explains Dr. Borenstein. "And, exercising can be very motivating and one of the easiest ways to combat pain from arthritis and rheumatic diseases."

In addition to celebrating World Arthritis Day, the ACR partners with the Arthritis Foundation on its Ad Council campaign to help people age 55 and up who have, or are at risk for developing, osteoarthritis discover movement as a weapon in the fight against arthritis. The campaign, "Fight Arthritis Pain," was created to increase the public's awareness that there are simple steps everyone can take to prevent and decrease the pain and disability of OA.

The American College of Rheumatology is an international professional medical society that represents more than 8,000 rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals around the world. For more information about the ACR and rheumatology, visit For more information about the World Arthritis Day, visit .

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Eleven Things You Need to Know About Gout

October 16, 2011 by Estella.

Causes of gout in feet
Causes of gout in feet
Dr. Sharon Oorange has written a blog post for the health and wellness website DailyStrength titled Eleven Things You Need to Know About Gout.

She states that the reason we are hearing so much about gout is that it has greatly increased in prevalence in the last 30 years. Dr Oorange goes on to list some of the most important things to know about gout, such as gout causes and gout symptoms.

She makes two important points about gout treatment:

1) Only 37% of gouty arthritis patients are taking their gout medications according to their doctor's instructions. (That number will likely increase now that generic colchicine is no longer available in the US, and the price of name brand Colcrys has soared).

2) A common mistake patients make is that symptoms of gout must resolve before they start on the gout drugs allopurinol or febuxostat, which are for prevention of gout attacks.

To read Dr. Ooranges's entire post on Daily Strength, >Click Here<.

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Gout Pictures Slideshow

October 19, 2011 by Lynn.

Want to see what gout looks like? Visit WebMd to see a gout picture slideshow with information on the causes, symptoms and treatment of gouty arthritis. The 14-slide show begins with a black and white picture of actor John Barrymore resting his obviously swollen gouty foot in the early 1940s.

The slideshow provides valuable information on gout prevention and treatment, including dietary changes. The educational tool covers the use of gout medication such as anti-inflammatories, corticosteroids and colchicine for gout pain, and uric acid lowering medication such as allopurinal and febuxostat for gout prevention.

It ends with up-to-date information on gout research. To view the gouty arthritis slideshow on WebMD, >Click Here.<

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Gout Treatment Past and Present

October 21, 2011 by Alex.

A gout attack of the elbow
A gout attack of the elbow
From Gout Treatment: The Way History Controlled Gout and Present day Gout Treatment

Gout remedies have been completely available for hundreds of years. In fact gout is an ailment that is well outlined by ancient cultures. These people weren't able to understand about uric acid in the past and so ancient doctors attempted to describe it as something else. Hippocrates tried to identify what may cause gout as a possible imbalance of the four humours. They were the imbalance of black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood. He seemed to be nearly talking about acid amounts. Whenever one of the humours was not in balance, or dropped thus the actual latin word "gutta", the particular humours "drop" right into a joint inducing the "gutta" or gout as you may know it.

Historical Gout Remedies
History has dealt with gout attacks in different techniques. Believe it or not one of many remedies being used at the moment was actually a 2,000 year old remedy. It absolutely was actively employed by Alexander of Tralles. The substance was in fact an extract coming from the Autumn Crocus plant found in Colchis, Asia Minor. Being a gout treatment, it had become able to halt the discomfort making the inflammation subside a lot faster as compared to the majority of anti-inflammatory agents. Alexander referred to it as Hemodactyl. At present it is called generic colchicine, or brand name Colcrys.

To read more about historical and present day beliefs about gout and gout drugs on, >Click Here.<

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Should You Exercise if You Have Gout?

October 24, 2011 by Estella.

from N!els
from N!els
When squeezed in the vise of pain that is a gouty arthritis attack, most gout sufferers don't need to be told to avoid exercise - they do their utmost to avoid moving the painful joint (usually the big toe) at all costs. Even the pressure of a sock may be too much to bear.

Strenuous physical activity is not recommended during a gout flare-up, as it may irritate already inflamed joints. But exercising when you're not suffering from a gout attack helps to stop the build-up of uric acid, and exercises that improve range of motion can decrease gout symptoms.

Yoga, strength training, and simple stretching will help reduce stiffness and increase flexibility, and help rid the body of uric acid. A combination of gout medication such as prescription colchicine and exercises designed to increase mobility and maintain a healthy weight helps to control gout.

To read more about how to exercise if you have gout, Click Here<.

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Gout Occurring Increasingly In Younger People

October 26, 2011 by Alexa.

Portrait of a young man
Portrait of a young man
Gout has historically been considered "the rich man's disease", and thought to occur in older men who indulged in a lot of red meat and alcohol. But gout is no longer an older-person's condition or a man's disease - younger men and more women are also being affected by it.

What is causing this rise in younger people with gout? In an online news item on, Rheumatologist Doctor Robert Harris, the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Arthritis Foundation's Pacific Region, says the main factors that trigger gout are obesity, high intakes of alcohol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Dr. Harris says he is now seeing younger patients in their 30s, 40s and 50s with gouty arthritis. He says the main factors triggering gout in younger people and in women are obesity, high alcohol intake, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Harris says gout medication (such as prescription colchicine) is one way to treat gout, along with dietary changes such as avoiding high purine foods and alcohol. To read the article on gout in younger people on, >Click Here.<

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Social Recipe Site Introduces Gout Diet Feature

October 27, 2011 by Lynn.

from foodily
from foodily has introduced a new search feature that allows users to filter recipes by three common medical conditions which are greatly impacted by diet - gout, diabetes, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Foodily is a social recipe network that integrates with facebook to allow users to easily compare and share favorite recipes with friends and family. Partnered with Healthline Networks, Foodily boasts a nutrition feature to allow visitors to search by health-related keywords such as "low fat" or "low carb" to easily make more informed food choices. Foodily is also providing Healthline with an exclusive drop-down menu for condition recipe searches that is featured on both Healthline's homepage and in related sections of the site.

The Foodily facebook app allows users to share recipes that meet their dietary restrictions, and to follow others with similar medical conditions to discover their recipe recommendations without ever having to leave facebook.

"All of us at Foodily are dedicated to encouraging people to be both healthy and happy with the food on their table," said Foodily's CEO Andrea Cutright, "Moreover, the ability to be social and share recipes on facebook lets our users tap into their friends and family - as well as others with comparable diet restrictions - for cooking ideas and emotional reinforcement."

Gouty arthritis is caused and/or aggravated by foods high in purine. Gout treatment involves dietary changes and, if necessary, gout medication such as colchicine. To search for low purine recipes suitable for a gout diet on Foodily, >Click Here.<

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Updated Recommended Dosages for Gout Medication

October 29, 2011 by Lynn.

Dosage from newseasons
Dosage from newseasons
Dr. Gregory Rutecki, Professor of Medicine at the University of Mobile, has posted a Q and A Update on gout and gout treatment for the medical website ConsultantLive. The doctor points out that gout treatment has changed considerably in the last decade.

Use of the "old stand-by" gout drugs allopurinal and colchicine has changed, as have target uric acid levels. The post includes updated dosage recommendations for allorpurinal (higher) and colchicine for gout (lower). Like so many of his gouty arthritis patients, he laments the drastic rise in the price of colchicine.

Dr. Rutecki also touches on the newer gout medication, Uloric (generic febuxostat), which he believes is superior to allopurinal in some cases. To read all of Dr. Rutecki's post, >Click Here.<

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